The Pogo® RePromise

How Pogo® is “Protecting Our Great Oceans”

The Pogo® Lip Balm was designed with you in mind and the environment in our hearts. Our lip balm Applicators are not only super trendy and available in various colors and designs to fit in with any occasion, but they are also reusable and refillable.

The Applicator and Refill components are made with a blend of recyclable and Ocean Bound plastics, reducing the amount of waste and pollution entering our oceans. The printing on the applicators and refill covers is achieved using a unique engraving process, eliminating the use of inks, most of which are not environmentally-friendly.

What Is Ocean Bound Plastic?

We’ve teamed up with a leading plastic supplier who shares our value of Protecting Our Great Oceans. They collect plastic from coastal landfills that is at risk of entering our oceans and turn it into a sustainable and reliable plastic resin that can be used in the manufacturing of “good” plastic products, like the Pogo® Lip Balm. Ocean Bound Plastic is not only reused plastic, it is also recyclable.

The Refill Revolution

The ability to reuse and refill the Pogo® Lip Balm saves landfills from the many non-eco-friendly lip balm packages that are discarded by consumers each year. Our Applicators can be infinitely reused and are easily refillable with our variety of lip balm flavors, helping you save your wallet and helping us protect our oceans.

Our Pogo® Lip Balm Refills are easily loadable into the applicators without contaminating the balm and the uniquely colored caps can be used to personalize the look of your applicator. Our lip balm formulas are 100% natural and organic and are available in 6 lip-licking flavors. Each Pogo® Refill component is 100% recyclable, however, we encourage you to use them to store small valuables, such as earrings while you go for a swim. We’ve designed the Refill Cover with a loop so that it can be hung or worn as a necklace.

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