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Join the Refill Revolution

The Pogo® Lip Balm was designed with you in mind and the environment in our hearts. Our Applicators are reusable, refillable and customizable. Our Lip Balm formulas are 100% natural, cruelty-free and organic and the packaging can be reused or completely recycled.

How to reuse your Pogo® Lip Balm

Watch the video above to learn how the Pogo® Lip Balm Applicators and Refills work. This innovative and customizable design easily refills the reusable applicator with the pre-molded dome lip balm, without contamination!

Ocean Bound Plastic

Pogo® has teamed up with a leading plastic recycler to join in their mission to stop plastic before it pollutes our oceans by removing at-risk plastic from coastal landfills and turning it into a reliable and sustainable plastic for manufacturing.


We have teamed up with Oceana to Protect the World’s Oceans by donating part of the proceeds from Pogo® Lips sales. Oceana has won more than 225 victories and protected more than 4 million square miles of ocean.

Our RePromise

We have made a promise to you and our planet to take the Refill Revolution to the next level. Reuse, refill, recycle, reduce, rehydrate and redefine what it means to use lip balm, all while helping us Protect Our Great Oceans™.