Stainless Steel Bottle

Welcome to the refill revolution! Our new 500mL stainless steel refillable bottles are available in an eye-catching wavy blue and a super sleek stainless steel finish with laser engraving for superior durability. The Pogo® stainless steel bottles are safe, durable, easy to clean, will not rust and are environmentally friendly, replacing plastic drinking bottles.

Although humans should be consuming around 64oz of water per day, if you drink 1 x 16oz bottle of water per day, switching to a reusable stainless steel bottle can save over 350 plastic bottles from entering our landfills and waterways, per person, per year! Only about 10% of the plastic bottles we consume end up being recycled, even when you put them in your recycling bin. Make the simple switch to a reusable bottle and you can have a significant impact on how plastic is devastating our planet today.